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Recently found that there are many online sellers selling Coach bag, a bag with the price also varies, let parents choose their own both a recognition of the many prices, but also to ensure the quality of the bags is indeed ordinary buyers some difficulty. Xiaoyuan not want to denigrate this industry competitors, but as the industry I really could not understand some sellers genuine brand name in the sale of counterfeits. So Xiaoyuan also want to share with you in this purchasing our American coach outlet online experience while exposing some of what we learned about purchasing some of the shady, Xiaoyuan hereby solemnly declare: We are not for some people, some of the sellers, the following words purely personal opinion, say it just to share with you, maybe I have to say the wrong place, please also expert advice. If all parents feel that there is some truth in what I share, but please keep their eyes open, the choice of purchasing it very prudent. Because we have to be worthy of their own money and then spend every penny out, overpaid is not terrible, because it's worth the price, cheated is the most difficult to accept. Without further ado, here I come one by one insider analysis on behalf of the United States.

As we all know, every U.S. state excise tax will have differences, in general, the more big states, prosperous state, the higher the population density of the state excise tax, so that the Chinese state is also the largest. America does have a tax-free state, but few of those Chinese state, which I believe we all understand the truth, (who is not willing to bustling place). Xiaoyuan relatives living in Los Angeles, California, I believe everyone is familiar with the city, very busy, you can buy almost any of the big names in the world (excluding China cottage brand). So here is higher excise tax of about 0.9. So the United States on behalf of the pro- choice when you can ask the seller belongs to the state, the state of understanding of the local consumption tax. This is the bag for you to judge the authenticity of a great help. Coach bag on the counter selling is the official network synchronization with Coach counter. The United States counters Coach official website, we can also see in the country, above all counters bag price. After you understand the consumption tax, we can calculate what their own bags actual selling price. Coach bag counters sometimes cheap coach have discounts, usually in some large festivals, when the United States, and the lowest discount we've learned about 75-85 fold. Then a low discount we really have not seen or heard. So this time is critical, you can now basically out of this bag actually counted the lowest bid price possible in the United States, you may not be very accurate count, but has been pretty close. This time you select when purchasing seller, you can exclude some even lower than you calculated the price of the seller, after all, who would not do Kuibenmaimai, you say, right ? This trick is the price move, then Jiaoninyizhao style trick, if you fancy bags in the U.S. Coach official website has found, it means this bag has the shelf, in the United States can not buy Coach counter. There may be two cases, one this bag has been out of stock, Coach official has no new goods, and second, this bag has been the quarter, down into the Coach Factory store discount sales. This is critical when you see this bag in a store seller, and the high sales volume of nearly a month, then I think you can now consider him ruled out. If you see him high praise rate, it is to buy, then I can only tell you if you are not so concerned about the authenticity of the bag, you can buy a high imitation, after all imitation bags and authentic bags discrimination has become increasingly difficult.

Xiaoyuan can clearly tell you whether the bag or bags Coach Factory store counters, will have a shopping small ticket, tag, but there will be some bags Factory shop dust bag, some do not, for the following reasons: If the bag Item F without proof originally produced after this bag belongs counter sales, but did not sell last season, decentralized Factory store discount sales, so the bag will have some of the original parts, and these including dust bag, and the bag itself with F Item to prove it is to be produced from the Factory store sales, so not Get dust bag. If you fancy bag Item with F, such as 19228, and baby accessories are described in dust bag, then please think twice. Some buyers are always entangled in the small ticket, consider a small ticket is genuine, no small ticket is not, let me give you an insider coach outlet store revealed, many sellers on Taobao bag is not necessarily genuine, but the small ticket indeed true. For the following reasons: We purchasing personnel in the United States told me that in the United States and sometimes you can see the door Outlet sell shopping small ticket scalper, their hands are really counting votes, but basically replica handbags uk the Chinese, because they know that the United States generations in the country is very hot, and many Chinese buyers the most attention is shopping small ticket, that there is a guarantee with the small ticket, you can at home warranty, free maintenance and more. Sometimes we also received some information from strangers on Want, we do not charge admission will ask Coach, GUCCI, LV, etc. brand of store receipts. Also some buyers react a similar situation to me. Said a look at the work package is not very sophisticated feel, the feeling is false, but shopping small ticket indeed seems to be true for me how to identify. You now feel some frustration after understanding it? Indeed we are helpless. But I tell you now say that I hope you do too entangled in the ticket, this is not an effective way to identify the authenticity.

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File Date: 1/10/14